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Why is it so hard to do the
right thing?  Rejection follows,
Warriors survive, Legends
are made.

~Darlene M. Washington
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Aww Stacey, Don't Be Like That
Un huh, yeah, you can hate me now.  Feel that.  Stacey, folks is
hating you now.  Yes, we are all Americans with unique
histories and deserve to be together.  But we celebrate our
differences for two reasons, one because we should and the
other because we have to.  If there were no BET and NAACP
Image Awards, there would be no celebration of the many
talented people who would be ignored by the Oscars because
they are not White.  And when I say ignored, I mean just like in
the Flint, MI water crisis, "IGNORED." So yes the Oscars
should be more diverse, or maybe we should just make the
Multicultural Arts & Sciences Awards!  How about that?
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